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Amanda Hodges

Tabula Rasa Healthcare
Product Manager
Innovation Evangelist via Product Management. Current Industry = Healthcare, specifically Medication Risk Mitigation & Pharmacogenomics.  Past Passions = Solving Math Equations, Computer Science & Writing Code, as well as Hackathon Organization.

Specializes in: Leading Fantastic Teams, that deliver Market Changing Products, that Customers Love to use; Rapid Release; Agile & Scrum Development; Process Improvement; Minimum Viable Products; Refactor & Optimization of Existing Systems; Team Culture; User Experience; Crazy Ideas that just might work; Change the World Attitude; Leadership; ROI; Finding the smallest amount of effort that equates to the largest impact to Users & Stakeholders; Retrospect -> Optimize -> Rinse & Repeat.

Positions held: Product Management, Software Development & Engineering, Quality Assurance, Project Management, Event Planning and Research Scientist.

“When it rains, look for rainbows; when it’s dark, look for stars!”