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Virtual reality (VR) has emerged as the world’s most engaging new medium and a powerful tool for creating visual and emotional experiences that inspire action among audiences. Although gaming has been the primary use for VR thus far, Payscout, a leading global payments processing provider, has introduced VR Commerce, the first live frictionless payments  technology for virtual reality. This expansion of in-VR purchasing opportunities is revolutionizing the VR and payments industries, while opening up new markets to new sectors.

 Cleveland Brown, CEO of Payscout, will explore the monetization of immersive content, which enables consumers to interact with media and purchase products in a 360-degree video experience. This development is a major step in the VR industry which is expected to accrue a total revenue upwards of $28.3 billion by the year 2020, surpassing hardware earnings for the first time. To remain relevant, sectors such as retail, non-profit, and travel/hospitality will need to embrace VR commerce to allow consumers to interact with their products in an emotionally immersive environment and experience.

The projected impact of this kind of commerce is immense, but how can brands leverage these powerful experiences and start monetizing immersive content? How can you or your company use VR to remain relevant? This session will explore the potential of VR Commerce, the growth of the industry, and the powerful impact frictionless payments technology will have on the future.