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Tery Spataro

CCG Catalyst Consulting Group
Executive VP & Innovation Director
"The real connection is between the brand and customer, rather than just the stuff."

Not your ordinary labcoat researcher! Curiosity drives Tery's passion and ambition to create customer experiences that improve the life of the customer. She synthesizes data for insights, uses design thinking approach to transform brands. Though this process she identifies the consumer insights, problem, solution, and approach to connecting the brand and customer.

For CCG Catalyst Tery created Project Catalyst, the design thinking lab that provides the means for groundbreaking ideas for banks. Tery brings leadership to Project Catalyst to help transform, evolve and innovate mid-tier financial institutions. Tery oversees and shapes the research studies, lab curriculum, the design thinking process and experience that will help financial institutions seeking new ideas to keep ahead of technological distributions and changes in consumer attitudes towards banking.

Tery held executive positions with well-known agencies, product innovation firms, and entrepreneurial companies.